Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Another review of "Murder in the String of G"

Another review of "Murder in the String of G"
This was a deliciously quirky book, which I enjoyed very much. Max and Brad are hapless actors who get parts in a play at a revamped theatre which retains more of its past than they bargained for.
Way back in the glory days of the theatre, Maisie, an outrageous burlesque star at the peak of her career falls down the stairs and breaks her neck. The official cause of death is a tragic accident, but we know there was a trip wire across the staircase, and Maisie isn’t about to give up the ghost until she find out who did it.
Meeting Maisie certainly shakes things up for Max and Brad, but not as much as Brad’s new girlfriend who’s a real killer.
I have to admit that my favourite character was Maisie. She’s a real ballsy lady who calls a spade a spade and develops an attachment to her boys that extends beyond the theatre. She’s responsible for some classic moments of comedy and drama and is about as well rounded as a ghost can be. I had great fun with her and am interested to see how she develops in later books. I loved her tendency to get up close and personal with Brad. I like a lady with a refined taste in backsides.
Max and Brad are also endearing characters although neither quite achieve the weight Maisie brings to the story. This is Maisie's moment and she makes the most of it.
I have to admit there were some editing issues that put me off a little and might be a problem to some readers. However, the general flow of the story was strong and helped to sweep me past the flaws.
The story was definitely meaty enough to keep me entertained throughout, with side shoots and two main storylines – Maisie’s past and Brad’s future (if he has one). The boys came across as good guys with a strong friendship and a lot of affection for each other which they’re not afraid to show.
Max, Brad and Daisy won’t be winning any international awards but if you’re looking for a good yarn, with a strong story, complex characters, plenty of action and a smidgeon of humour, this is your book.

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