Saturday, May 14, 2016

About Gender and Writing

My guest post today was inspired by something that I recently read where someone wrote that women should only write romance books and leave science fiction writing to men. I will confess I was shocked and appalled at anybody would be that idiotic. I never criticize other authors or writers but, in this case, I must say that I cannot condemn that notion in strong enough terms period
I do not see how one’s gender affects one’s writing ability in tackling certain genres of literature. I’ve also heard it said that men, especially gay men, write better men-on-men romance/erotic books than women do. Honestly, that is simply ludicrous too.

I think the sole criterion is whether or not a person writes a good story. In the end, good literature is good literature. Sexy literature is sexy literature. I don’t think the author’s gender has anything to do with a novel’s subject matter or plays a part in making that book better.

I’m going to say this in the most basic terms. Views like that are bigoted. They are not worth Internet space they are written upon. I know many fantastic female writers who write amazingly erotic men-on-men sexual romance novels. I know quite a few men who write excellent romance novels involving men and women interrelationships. What I look at is how it’s written, how the plot unfolds, how much the author gets me engaged with the characters I’m reading about. I not look at the authors’ gender. I hope that when people read my books they’re not looking to see the sex of the person who wrote it but rather whether or not I did it well.

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