Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two short stories now available on Amazon as well.

1. A Slip up in Time:
For the rich and powerful, Timely Solutions Inc. is the answer to solving how to deal with your rivals. For a price, the company will send one of its agents back in time to "dispose" of that rival's ancestor thus eliminating said obstacle from any timeline. Mike is one such agent with the company. He is good at his job and loves doing what he does best: kill. When a problem with a rogue company agent unfolds, Mike is assigned clean-up duty. Unfortunately things never work out as planed as a slip up in time develops!

2. Bound to Die:
The strangled body of the state's Lt. Governor is found in bed with a hustler. Indications are the former was engaged in SM sex with his killer. When Ian, a defense lawyer, is called in to defend the accused young escort he faces a problem. He was also a client of the the young man. Can he solve the case before his own life is ruined by that scandal?

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