Thursday, July 10, 2014

2nd of the 10 books in the revised and expanded Mark Julian Vampire PI Mystery series coming out in July.

The crown prince of the werewolf clan has disappeared and Tortego, his vampire enemy on the city’s supernatural governing body, is suspected. With a horrific werewolf vs. vampire civil war now looming the crafty Tortego has once more turned to Mark Julian for help in finding the lost prince. But Mark is knee deep in his own problems. After the first rushes of romance his relationship with the very human Detective Vinnie Pasquale is getting tricky. To complicate matters further Vinnie’s mother has a personal request: find out who killed and mutilated her best friend’s dog. With Jaime’s itching to join in the cases will it all come out well in the end or, is war and a breakup on the horizons.
Also two bonus stories: The Case That Marked the Beginning and The Panicky Case of the Cucciolo di lupo

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